Pokémon Go's Niantic forms 'Planet-Scale' AR alliance with 5G communications companies

'Planet-scale' is a term Microsoft also often states.

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Niantic Planet-scale AR Alliance

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Pokémon Go's Niantic has announced that it has formed the Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance with telecommunications companies around the world.

The participants include Japan's Softbank, Verizon, SK Telecom, EE, TELUS, Orange, Deutsche Telekom, and other mobile communications companies that operate 5G networks in various countries.

The alliance will use Niantic's "Planet-Scale" AR platform to provide future AR contents that take advantage of 5G's features such as high capacity and low latency.

Since it's an alliance announcement, there are no details about what specific content will be rolled out and where and when.

Here's a quote from the FAQ

What is the Niantic Planet-Scale AR first goal?

The Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance will make available exclusive 5G-ready AR content, and demonstrate AR experiences that set the standard for innovation in a 5G world.

What is the significance to players and consumers?

There are many advantages to players with 5G-ready AR content including sub-millisecond low latency, and high bandwidth. For our Niantic explorers, this means that any number of players can collaborate or compete in the same virtual space in real-time on their respective devices.

What is the goal of the Niantic Planet-Scale Alliance?

We’re looking to showcase AR experiences optimized for a 5G network and help global consumers understand its advantages. In addition, our work aims to set the standard for AR on 5G as more developers begin to create unique applications and gaming experiences.

Although 5G networks are beginning to be deployed in many countries and the number of compatible devices is increasing, all companies are struggling to communicate to consumers the benefits of 5G beyond "you can download a lot of stuff in a short time".

In 5G demonstrations, content such as 8K video and VR live broadcasts, which require high bandwidth, were used with a somewhat futuristic image.

As the only company to deploy a "planetary-scale" AR platform, Niantic says it will work with alliances to offer something "unique to 5G", though the definition is a mystery.

There's a sense of ambiguity in the FAQ, with "Niantic Planet-Scale Alliance" and "Niantic Planet-Scale AR Alliance" mixed together, but that's about it for the moment in the announcement of the troupe.

In addition to Pokémon Go, Ingress, Harry Potter Wizards Unite, and the previously announced CATAN, which is currently running on the same platform, Niantic has more than 10 new titles in development, including those that utilize devices other than smartphones.

For now, "AR" is just a bonus that can be turned off from the settings to allow you to take real-life photos with Pokémon, but if Niantic's repeated acquisitions and research and development of the technology pays off, combined with 5G's high bandwidth and newer devices to come, an Ingress-like future where another reality merges with the real world may indeed be on the horizon.

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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