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  • Sony Xperia 5 II review: A smartphone packed with everything a gaming enthusiast needs

    The Xperia 5 II is a smartphone that combines the compact style of last year's Xperia 5 with the latest performance of the Xperia 1 II, a significant improvement from last year's model. In the Game Mode, which allows you to prioritize your phone's performance or power saving, you can choose Performance, which drains the battery but fires up all the processing performance, or Power Saving, which minimizes the battery's consumption.
  • iPhone 12 mini(仮)は7万円台?からAirPods Studio(仮)まもなく発表?まで。最新アップルの噂まとめ

    いよいよiPhone 12(仮)発表イベントが14日午前2時(日本時間)と発表された、10月の第2週。今や世界の注目は「同時に発表されるアップル未発表製品は何か」に移ろいつつある感もあります。 iPhone 12 mini(仮)は7万円台?からAirPods Studio(仮)まもなく発表?まで、最新アップルの噂をまとめてお届けします。 日本では今ひとつ存在感を示せていないApple TV+ですが、A14X“のような” すなわちiPhone 12(仮)に搭載とみられるA14 Bionicを強化したチップ等を使った新モデルが準備中との噂話です...
    Kiyoshi TaneKiyoshi Tane2020/10/11
  • 2014年10月10日、レンズ交換可能なレンズスタイルカメラ「ILCE-QX1」が発売されました:今日は何の日?

    ...コマ/秒、フルHD 動画撮影、Wi-Fi対応など。 10月10日のおもなできごと 2008年、イ ・モバイルが「Touch Diamond S21HT」を発売 2008年、オンキヨ がソ テックのネットブック「C1」を発売 2009年、ASUSが「Disney netbook Eee PC MK90H」を発売 2011年、ソニ が業界初の3Dサラウンドヘッドホン「MDR-DS7500」を発売 2013年、ニコンが防水ミラ レス一眼「Nikon...
  • Five new features that "not likely" to be expected in the iPhone 12 mini

    This year's flagship iPhone 12 series is rumored to consist of four models. The iPhone 12 mini, which will be the smallest and cheapest of these models, is expected to have a screen size of 5.4 inches, which has drawn the attention of users who favor smaller devices. There has also been a leak of a dummy model, which is believed to be from the device, indicating that it could be as compact and easy to hold as the original iPhone. MacRumors, a well-established Apple-related website, has compiled a list of five new features rumored to be included in the iPhone 12 that "look unlikely" to be available on the mini.
  • New VAIO SX12 ALL BLACK EDITION review: It made me want to replace my S11

    I borrowed the VAIO SX12 ALL BLACK EDITION immediately, compared it with the VAIO S11 RED EDITION which I had, and considered whether it should be replaced. Let's check out the main specs of the VAIO SX12 ALL BLACK EDITION that I borrowed this time. CPU: Intel Core i7-1035G7 (1.3GHz / 3.9GHz max) processor Memory: 32GB Storage: 3rd Generation High-Speed SSD 256GB...
  • Finally, less than 1kg! ThinkPad X1 Nano starts at $1599 with 16:10 screen and Tiger Lake

    It's a mobile laptop that weighs less than 1 kg and offers a high level of performance, something that ThinkPad fans have been waiting for. There is currently no mention of sales in Japan (but given the previous development of the X1 series, the possibility of a release should be significant). The Nano name may give the impression of a small screen, but the model has a 13-inch screen size with a 16:10 aspect ratio, so the name gives a slightly different impression (especially when compared to the current X1 Carbon). The CPU (SoC) is powered by an Intel 11th generation Core i, aka Tiger...
  • 2015年9月25日、見た目の変化は少なくても中身は大きく進化した「iPhone 6s / Plus」が発売されました:今日は何の日?

    ...が発売されたのが、2015年の今日です。 サイズは0.1~0.2㎜ほど大きくなっているものの、ケ スの流用ができてしまうほどデザインはそのまま。パッと見では違いがわかりませんが、とくに大きく変わったのが新たに3D Touchを搭載したことでしょう。 これはディスプレイを押す強さで2段階の動作を可能としたもの。軽く押すとプレビュ 、強く押すとアプリ起動といった動作ができるようになり、単純なタッチとは違う操作ができるようになりました。なかなか...
  • Kyocera's ultra-tough smartphone, the DuraForce PRO 2, is also a great action cam

    This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. Kyocera's DuraForce PRO 2 ultra-tough smartphone, which is MIL-STD-810G compliant and can be washed whole with hand soap, has been introduced to the domestic market. DuraForce PRO 2 is a highly durable model that can be used in harsh environments such as construction sites. As a result, the body design is quite rugged, with large corner bumpers.
  • Apple is rumored to launch the new iPad Air and low-cost Apple Watch this fall alongside iPhone 12

    With Apple expected to launch its iPhone 12 series and a host of other new products this fall, Bloomberg has a recap of the rumors and new information. First of all, it's been theorized that the latest flagship iPhone 12 series will be available in three screen sizes, 5.4, 6.1, and 6.7 inches, for a total of four models. It is almost certain that the design of those iPhone 12 series will have a square edge like the iPad Pro, and for the first time, a dark blue model is expected to be added, as reported by the Taiwanese industry newsletter DigiTimes.
  • 今年秋にiPhone 12(仮)、新型iPad Airや低価格Apple Watch発売のうわさ

    ...が伝えていたこと。その一方でProモデルはステンレススチ ルエッジを備え、廉価モデルは現行のラインナップと同じくアルミニウム製と述べられています。 またiPad Pro(2020)に搭載されたLiDARスキャナ(3Dセンサ )は、「少なくとも」最大サイズのProモデル(いわゆるiPhone 12 Pro Max(仮))に採用されるとのこと。ちょうどLiDAR用らしき穴が空いた背面ガラスの写真が公開されたばかりのタイミングです。 新端末...
    Kiyoshi TaneKiyoshi Tane2020/9/2