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  • スマホでiPod Classic風にApple Musicを再生できるWebアプリ公開

    ...ホイールを指ないしカーソルでタップしたりなぞることで操作する形であり、上部の表示部分を直接タッチしても動きません。下記ののリンクからWebアプリにアクセスできます。 関連リンク:iPod.js,GitHub 今はなきCover Flowモード(アルバムアートワークを表示)で曲を聴いたり、アーティストやアルバム、プレイリスト別に楽曲を探したり、古典的な「Bricks」(ブロックくずし)ゲームをしたり、「設定」からApple Musicや...
    Kiyoshi TaneKiyoshi Tane2021/6/25
  • nubia Watch hands-on review: Feeling of wrapping the screen around your wrist

    Nubia Technology, the company behind the Red Magic series of gaming smartphones, has launched the "nubia Watch" smartwatch overseas. Recently, we've seen a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers entering the smartwatch market, but the nubia Watch has a very different look from other smartwatches. While most smartwatches have a rectangular or circular display, the nubia Watch has an ultra-wide display with 960x192 pixels and a 45:9 aspect ratio.
  • Sony PlayStation 5 Review: Gorgeous, next-generation feel #PS5

    This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. With an overview of the product and actual numbers, this article documents how it has changed my gaming life as a result of using it regularly as my main PlayStation to replace the PS4, and from the perspective of using it in conjunction with a gaming PC and other game consoles.
  • Q&A with Manga artist Moto Hagio about creation in the digital age and life under coronavirus

    Moto Hagio is a manga artist known for such works as The Poe Clan, The Heart of Thomas, Iguana Girl, A Cruel God Reigns, and Queen Margot, which ended this year. In 2019, on the 50th anniversary of her painting career, she was named the first female manga artist to receive the Cultural Merit Award.