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  • カナダ警察、テスラ車オーナーを「運転していなかったため」危険運転で逮捕。

    カナダ・アルバ タ州で、時速150kmで走行するテスラModel Sのドライバ が危険運転のため逮捕され、起訴されました。罪状は危険運転ではあるものの、別にあおり運転などをしていたわけではなく、むしろ”運転していなかった”ことが問題でした。 7月9日、カナダ王立騎馬警察(RCMP)は高速2号線で挙動の不審な自動車が走行しているとの通報を受けました。そのクルマは少なくとも時速140km/hで走行し、運転席も助手席も人影は見えず、完全にリクライニングを倒して寝ているのではとのことでした。 RCMPが現場に向かったところ、当該の2019年型...
    Munenori TaniguchiMunenori Taniguchi2020/9/18
  • Tesla's Superchargers in Europe have a bug that allows other companies' EVs to charge for free

    Tesla has installed Supercharger charging facilities for its EVs around the country, but these chargers are usually used exclusively for Tesla cars. Superchargers in Europe, however, may not be so much the case at the moment. Automotive information site Electrek reported that due to a software issue, Superchargers in Europe can (at least currently) charge non-Tesla EVs, such as the Volkswagen ID.3 and BMW i3, as well as other companies...
  • Lucid Air officially unveiled as "the world's most powerful and efficient luxury EV sedan"

    Electric car venture Lucid Motors, whose CEO and CTO is Peter Rawlinson, who once led the Tesla Model S development project, has announced a production version of its Model S rival, the Lucid Air, a sedan-like EV. Lucid Motors has been revealing a bit of information about the Air, and has been touting it as an improvement over the Tesla Model S. If this is set...
  • Elon Musk announces Link, an AI chip to implant in the human brain

    This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. Neuralink, Elon Musk's AI research company, held a live event on August 28 to present its findings so far.
  • Discovery of superconducting diode effect with zero electrical resistance in one direction only

    A research team consisting of researchers from the Institute for Chemical Research and the Graduate School of Science at Kyoto University and the Graduate School of Science at Osaka University announced that they have observed for the first time the superconducting diode effect, in which the electrical resistance is zero in one direction only. If this resistance can be reduced to zero, that is, to a state of superconductivity, it will be possible to design electric circuits with low heat generation and low power consumption.
  • Startup EV manufacturer Lucid achieves 517 miles of battery range, leaving Tesla behind

    This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. Tesla's Model S luxury EV sedan was introduced just two months ago with the Long Range Plus model with a range of 402 miles (647 km), The Lucid Air sedan, to be launched by Lucid Motors as a rival to the Model S, has achieved a range of 517 miles (832 km) on the...
  • eBussy EV, which comes in 10 designs for various uses, will go on sale in 2021

    This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The I.D. Buzz, an EV touted as the "Volkswagen Bus of the future," is scheduled to go into production in 2022, but while Volkswagen is taking it easy, an unexpected rival is about to appear.
  • Nissan unveiled the new Ariya EV crossover to be launched in 2021. "Actual purchase price" starts at 5 million yen

    On April 15, Nissan Motor Co. unveiled its long-awaited new crossover EV, the Nissan Ariya, which will go on sale in Japan around the middle of 2021. According to Nissan, the "actual purchase price" is expected to start at about 5 million yen. The Nissan Aria is a new electric car that is a production version of the concept car of the same name that was displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show in the fall of 2019. As announced by Nissan, the interior and exterior design is largely unchanged from the concept car, aside from some subtle details...
  • Tesla halves warranty on problematic touchscreen

    One of the most iconic features of Tesla's electric cars is the simple instrument panel and the giant touchscreen that sits on the center console. A normal car has a lot of switches and buttons in the center console for vehicle-related controls, comfort features, infotainment, etc. Tesla cars consolidate them into a single touchscreen.
  • テスラ、電気セミトレーラーヘッドを量産開始へ。マスクCEOが指示

    テスラCEOのイ ロン・マスク氏が、社内宛の文書にて電気セミトレ ラ ヘッド”Tesla Semi”の量産を開始するよう社内に呼びかけました。マスク氏は「設計の多くの面を改善することができました」と述べています。 Tesla Semiは当初は2019年の発売を目指していましたが、今年初めの時点でマスク氏は、販売開始は2021年になるとの見通しを示していました。 CNBCが伝えるところではTesla Semiの発表以来、マスク氏は...
    Munenori TaniguchiMunenori Taniguchi2020/6/11