Sony’s SIE PlayStation department has announced that the PS5 games reveal livestream that was scheduled for June 5th, dubbed The Future of Gaming, will be delayed.

The reason for the delay is out of concern for the anti-racist protest movement sweeping the United States and extending to many other parts of the world since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Sony explains: “This [delay] is because there are more important voices to be heard.”

The protest movement triggered by the death of a black man due to police brutality in Minneapolis has resulted in the dismissal of several of the police officers involved, one of whom is being prosecuted for third degree murder, and the protests have spread across the United States and are now even worldwide.

In the United States, where police brutality against people of color has been relentless through generations against a backdrop of deep-rooted racial discrimination, protests in many places have turned into riots, scenes of social chaos in which large numbers of people are being arrested.

It’s clearly not the right time to be announcing new products in America.

It’s not that unusual to see large-scale protests in the United States motivated by the police’s unjust treatment of people of color, and inevitably some of these protests turn into riots.

However, while the protests this time are on an unprecedented scale due to a variety of social factors, there has been an impressive response in terms of declarations of solidarity with the protect movement from important figures including many companies and organizations, celebrities, government personnel, and security agencies.

Sony PlayStation has also adopted the BlackLivesMatter hashtag, strongly objecting to institutional racism and violence towards black communities, and stating its sympathy and hopes for a better future, declaring that it stands together with black creators, gamers, employees, and their families and friends.

Regarding the delay of the PS5 games reveal livestream event, Sony’s statement explains that it understands gamers worldwide are looking forward to PS5 games, but this isn’t the time for celebration and instead Sony wants to help ensure that more important messages (namely those of the protest movement) are heard.

A new schedule is yet to be announced. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear something.

This article was originally written in Japanese. All images and content are directly from the Japanese version at the time of publication.