The upcoming lower-end Apple Watch Series 3 successor is rumored to be named simply "Apple Watch"

Series 6 could be the "Apple Watch Pro".

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The new Apple Watch and iPad are expected to be announced at an Apple special event scheduled for September 15, and it's rumored that a lower-priced version of the Apple Watch will also be introduced along with them. We've received further details about it.

Bloomberg recently reported that an Apple Watch Series 5 successor (i.e., Series 6), as well as a less expensive Series 3 successor, are in the pipeline, while Taiwan's DigiTimes also reported that there is another unannounced model in the works besides the Series 6.

The follow-up report was brought to us by Jon Prosser, who guessed the release date of the second-generation iPhone SE. According to his new tweet, the Series 3 successor will be similar in design to the Series 4. That means we can expect thinner bezels and a rounder overall appearance, and a wider screen size from 38mm/42mm to 40mm/44mm.

However, in order to keep costs down, it won't have an always-on display like the Series 5, and there's no ECG (electrocardiogram) function from the Series 4 onwards. It will also be powered by the M9 motion co-processor used in the iPhone 6s and the original iPhone SE.

The information that the new Apple Watch will be the same design as the Series 4, or Series 5 without ECG, was also implied by famous leaker L0vetodream. He also claimed that Series 3 will continue to be sold.

What will the new Apple Watches model name be? Prosser said the lower-end version will simply be the Apple Watch, and the Series 6 equivalent will be the Apple Watch Pro.

Last year, Apple discontinued the Series 4 at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 5 launch, and cut the price of the Series 3 to offer a higher-end and a lower-end version of the device. It's possible that the company could continue along that line and upgrade the lower-priced version to a "mostly Series 3 inside and Series 4 screen size," but if that happens, pricing will be a concern.

Source: Jon Prosser (Twitter)

Via: 9to5Mac

This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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