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On Friday, October 23, the new, long-awaited iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro went on sale. For those of you who pre-ordered them online, did you receive them in person? Some of you may have received them at the store. This time, I, an iPhone case expert, would like to introduce you to a new iPhone case for your "new buddy".

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First of all, let me tell you what you need to keep in mind when choosing a case for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro at this time. Both of these new models are the same size and identical in size. So basically, the cases can be shared. The genuine Apple cases are also made that way. However, the area around the camera is actually different in size between the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.

12 Pro on the left and 12 on the right.

The photos above show the back of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro with the same case. The left is the 12 Pro and the right is the 12. You can see that the 12 has a groove on the side of the camera part. The 12 Pro's camera part is larger than the 12's. A case for the 12 Pro will fit the 12 with no problem, but the one with the 12's camera part filled in tightly with no gaps may not fit the Pro. (Although, I don't think there are very many cases that have this specification at this point in time.)

If the iPhone has just been released, there are a lot of cases on the market that say "6.1-inch compatible", but each manufacturer may have different specifications, so if you're interested in the mass market, ask the store to show you a sample or contact the manufacturer directly.

Another important point to keep in mind when choosing an iPhone case is "MagSafe," a form of charging that sticks to a magnet from the back of the case, which has been used since the 12 and 12 Pro. It provides up to 15 watts of wireless charging and is compatible with Qi charging. It works with the iPhone 8 and later, but only the iPhone 12 series can magnetically attach this to the exact position of the device.

If you want to use this charging method, the key is to be able to charge the phone with the case on.

In fact, I checked with several cases and found that the MagSafe charging worked with a thin case, such as polycarbonate or aramid, while it was attached. However, at a glance, it's hard to tell if it's fast charging or not. When you install the MagSafe, it makes a "phon" sound and displays its own animation on the screen, but it doesn't measure the voltage flowing through the device, so if you are concerned about this, please contact the manufacturer directly for confirmation. I'm sure that after the release of the iPhone 12, you'll be able to buy cases that are labeled as "MagSafe Compatible", so you can wait for that.

Now, let me introduce you to some iPhone cases that I actually installed on my iPhone and loved.

The Owltec Impact Resistant Hybrid Case is perfect for selfies and photoshoots

This is the Impact-resistant Hybrid Case from Owltech, a manufacturer of products ranging from computer cases to ultra-tough cables and outdoor goods. The sides are made of soft TPU material. The back is a hard polycarbonate material with a transparent feel.

This hybrid case has double-layered corners, making it safe to drop.

Let's take a look at the area around the screen. It's slightly higher than the display. If you drop it on the ground from the screen side, only the case part will be in contact with the ground, so there is less risk of the display cracking.

The case comes with a ring, which you can adhere to with double-sided tape. Until now, most people would have attached the phone ring around the Apple logo, but when it comes to MagSafe, you'll need to attach it to a different location.

It is recommended to stick it near the charging port like this. This way, you can use three fingers to support the device.

This allows you to extend your arm farther away for selfies, which means you can create a super wide-angle, as humanly possible, when taking selfies. This is really good.

Soft, impact-resistant APEIROS HEXAGON for finger fit

The HEXAGON is a hexagonal iPhone case from APEIROS. APEIROS is a company that has been releasing high design and unique products such as the Apple Watch integrated band and the clear AirPods case. All of their products are particular about the shape, and the form of this case is also great.

The first feature is that the back portion of the device is a little plump and raised from the bottom of the camera. What's nice about this is that it makes it easier to lift the phone off the table. It's easy to lift it from the front or from the back.

Another point is the side part. It's angled so that when you hold the case, it's firmly attached to your finger's first joint.

The sides of the iPhone 12 are edgy, and I was impressed with this shape that softly follows that area.

The entire case is soft with TPU, but the super clear material made by the German manufacturer makes it highly transparent and doesn't interfere with the new iPhone body color you want to show off for a while after you get it. It also features a persistently popular strap hole, which is perfect for those who have supported it with their wrists.

The full leather case from GRAMAS with a luxurious feel

The luxury GRAMAS case to go with any outfit, casual or dressy. The GRAMAS German Shrunken-calf Genuine Leather Book Case is priced at nearly 20,000 yen, so it may be a bit on the expensive side for a case, but there is a good reason for this case to be highly recommended. It is made of German Peringer's Shrunken-calf, and the color is good and the surface treatment is very luxurious. This case is made of a single piece of leather and is thin and sleek. The magnetic closure allows you to make and receive calls while closed. If you want to protect your screen and keep your cards or business cards inside, this case is perfect for you.

The processing of the camera hole part is beautiful and it has a sense of unity, and I think it goes well with the color of the iPhone, so you can try various color combinations.

GRAMAS also has a series for Apple Watch, which would look sophisticated when pairing an iPhone case with this band.

If you're past the point where you want to show off your new phone, you can't go wrong with an organizer case that has a reputation for elegance and quality that oozes out of the overall product. For the price, they would make a great gift.

That's it, we've introduced the key points to consider when choosing a case for the new iPhone and some recommended cases. We hope you will find a good case that fits your life and makes your iPhone even more fun to use!

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.