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An extremely simple method of bypassing ads in YouTube videos has been posted to Reddit.

While video sites such as YouTube offer free viewing, everything is monetized through in-video commercials and/or on-screen banner ads. But no doubt we’ve all had the urge to press stop when a commercial abruptly cuts in.

On June 11th, web developer unicorn4sale discovered a means of bypassing those annoying ads and posted this hack on Reddit. All you have to do is insert a period at the end of the YouTube URL domain name.

You simply need to change this

to this

That’s it. This gets rid of nearly all in-video ads.

According to unicorn4sale, it’s commonly forgotten that when a website forgets to normalize a host name, the contents display normally in the browser but cookies and Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) stop functioning properly, and ads displayed by the whitelisting method tend not to work.

If this is all it takes to bypass in-video ads, users would surely think it’s too good to be true. And on the other side of the argument, it will be a headache for video posters that are aiming to generate revenue through ads. If you want to help those video posters, maybe you should accept the ads or subscribe to the fee-based YouTube Premium service.

This ad-bypassing hack already has more than 4,000 likes on Reddit and has been picked up by media outlets such as Android Police. So you can be pretty sure that Google knows about it too. Please bear in mind that by the time you read this article and try it for yourself, it’s possible that it’ll already be patched...

via:Android Police

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