What the new iPad Air implies about the iPhone to be released in October

The color variation is also noteworthy.

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On September 15, Apple did not announce any new iPhone products as expected.

It would have been a big deal if they didn't announce it in advance, but Apple announced at its earnings call in July that this year's iPhone release would be delayed for a few weeks. In the end, the special event was limited to the announcement of the new iPads and Apple Watches.

However, looking back on the special event, we have a vague idea of what the iPhone will look like when it is announced in October.

Looking forward to the new iPhone specs

The first thing that was revealed was the chipset. The greatly updated iPad Air is powered by the A14 Bionic.

Compared to the previous model, it has a 40% faster CPU, 30% faster graphics, and 70% faster machine learning thanks to the Neural Engine. Of course, the new iPhone will have the A14 Bionic in it, so we can expect to see some exciting specs.

We were surprised to see the A14 Bionic coming out before the iPhone, but considering that the iPad Air goes on sale in October, it could be the same time as the new A14 Bionic-equipped iPhone.

Unfortunately, looking at the specs of the iPad Air, it only supports LTE and does not have 5G on it. The iPad Pro will probably be released next year and will have 5G support, which will widen the gap between it and the iPad Air.

The colors are curious

iPad Air

The iPad Air is also available in five colors: silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue.

It is just like the iPhone XR, and it may be possible that the next iPhone will come in a similar color scheme. The iPad Air's color variation is lighter than the iPhone XR's, which gives it a more luxurious look. With this color scheme, the number of users who want to buy an iPhone is likely to increase.

iPhone XR

Also of personal interest is the Blue Aluminum Case of the Apple Watch Series 6.

Internet rumors are saying that the blue will be available on the iPhone as well, and maybe this blue aluminum coloration will be used directly on iPhones as well.

The Apple Watch has an aluminum case, and it's unclear if the iPhone will be able to replicate the same texture on it, but the darker blue color tickles our desire to own it.

Apple Watch Series 6 Blue Aluminum Case

This special event only featured a supporting role as expected due to the absence of the iPhone as the star of the show, but it was still an announcement that definitely exceeded expectations.

Perhaps we can expect the iPhone special event in October to be full of surprises as well.

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This article is based on an article from the Japanese edition of Engadget and was created using the translation tool Deepl. The Japanese edition of Engadget does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this article.

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