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速報:Windows Phone 7 スマートフォン10機種発表、年内30か国で販売

Ittousai, @Ittousai_ej
2010年10月11日, 午後11:05 in Dell



1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待

1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待


開催中のイベントで、マイクロソフトが Windows Phone 7 の発売プランを発表しました。完全新規プラットフォームとなるWindows Phone 7 採用スマートフォンは各社から年内に9機種、2011年発売を含めて10機種が本日で正式発表。欧州およびアジア(日本含まず)では10月21日から、米国では11月8日から販売されます。パートナーとなる携帯オペレータは AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Vodafone, TELUS, América Móvil, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, Telstra など60社以上。

採用端末として本日正式発表されたのは以下の 9 + 1 モデル:
  • HTC 7 Surround:3.8インチ画面、Dolby Mobile と SRS Surround サウンド対応、スライド式スピーカー採用。
  • HTC HD7 :またはHTC Schubert。4.3インチ画面。Windows Mobile で人気だった大画面端末 HD2 のWP7進化版。
  • HTC 7 Trophy:または HTC Spark。3.8インチ画面。各国のキャリアから登場。
  • HTC 7 Mozart:3.7インチ画面。「HTC Mozart」として以前からリークしていた機種。
  • Dell Venue Pro:4.1インチ画面、縦スライドQWERTYキーボード。Engadgetが4月に伝えたHTC Lightning
  • Samsung Focus:4インチ画面、スーパーAMOLED (有機EL)。コードネームは Cetus。AT&T向け。
  • Samsung Omnia 7:4インチ画面、スーパーAMOLED (有機EL)。欧州向け。
  • LG Optimus 7:またはLG E900。3.8インチ画面、グローバル市場向け。
  • LG Quantum:3.5インチ画面、横スライドQWERTYキーボード。リークではC900。
  • HTC 7 Pro :こちらは2011年発売。3.6インチ画面、スライドQWERTYキーボード。米Sprint向け。
この10機種すべてが800 x 480 の WVGA 解像度を備え、Snapdragon プロセッサを採用します。Windows Phone 7 はソフトウェア開発の容易さと品質の維持のためハードウェアとソフトウェアの緊密な統合を掲げており、少なくとも初期ラインナップについては、画面解像度や動作速度、RAM、カメラ、マルチタッチ対応など基本的な要素はすべての端末が同じ水準をクリアしているのが特徴です。各国のキャリアと発売端末の組み合わせリスト、Windows Phone 7 プラットフォームの概要動画、マイクロソフトのPR全文は続きを参照。

North America

• HTC Surround, United States
• Samsung Focus, United States
• LG Quantum, United States

T-Mobile USA
• HTC HD7, United States
• Dell Venue Pro, United States

• HTC 7 Surround, Canada
• LG Optimus 7, Canada
América Móvil
• LG Optimus 7, Mexico


• HTC HD7, United Kingdom, Germany

• HTC 7 Mozart, including France, United Kingdom
• Samsung Omnia 7, including France, United Kingdom

• HTC 7 Trophy, France
• Samsung Omnia 7, France

• LG Optimus 7, Spain
• HTC HD7, Spain
• Samsung Omnia 7, Spain

Deutsche Telekom AG
• HTC 7 Mozart, Germany
• Samsung Omnia 7, Germany

• HTC 7 Trophy, including Germany, Spain, United Kingdom
• LG Optimus 7, including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Asia Pacific

• HTC HD 7, Singapore
• LG Optimus 7, Singapore

• HTC 7 Mozart, Australia
• LG Optimus 7Q, Australia

• HTC 7 Trophy, Australia

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Oct. 11, 2010

Microsoft and Partners Unveil Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio
First phones available soon from leading mobile operators around the world.

REDMOND, Wash. - Oct. 11, 2010 - Microsoft Corp. today joined its partners in revealing nine new Windows Phone 7 handsets that will be available this holiday season from leading mobile operators in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. With more than 60 mobile operators in over 30 countries worldwide committed to bringing Windows Phones to market, the millions of people around the world looking for a phone that plays as hard as it works will have a variety of phones from leading device-makers to choose from.

"We have a beautiful lineup in this first wave of Windows Phone 7 handsets," said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer at Microsoft. "Microsoft and its partners are delivering a different kind of mobile phone and experience - one that makes everyday tasks faster by getting more done in fewer steps and providing timely information in a 'glance and go' format."
Global Portfolio

Microsoft and its partners have worked together closely to create a different kind of phone with new experiences that bring together what people care about most. Windows Phone 7 will be available in a variety of sleek form factors from device-makers such as Dell, HTC Corp., LG and Samsung, and from mobile operators including América Móvil, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG, Movistar, O2, Orange, SFR, SingTel, Telstra, TELUS, T-Mobile USA and Vodafone. All Windows Phone 7 phones will include the high-performance Snapdragon™ processor from Qualcomm. A broad selection of phones will begin shipping in holiday 2010 with more arriving in 2011, including phones from Sprint and Verizon. In addition, select models will be available at Microsoft Store locations and from Amazon.

Windows Phone 7, Glance and Go
In today's busy world we are spending more time heads-down on our phones than interacting with the people we're sitting next to and missing out on important life moments. Windows Phone 7 was designed to deliver a mobile experience that has the phone working better for people, bringing together the things they care about most and helping them to get things done faster.
Windows Phone 7 breaks the current smartphone convention to help people quickly and easily find and consume data, information and services from the Web and applications. The new phones are distinguished by unique design and integrated experiences built from Microsoft's deep portfolio such as Xbox LIVE, Microsoft Office Mobile, Zune, Windows Live, Bing and more.

For example, the customizable Start screen with Live Tiles is a personal experience, showing people their own content. The Live Tiles come to life with real-time updates from the Web such as news, appointments or the status of friends. New Live Tiles can be easily created from whatever content a consumer wants, such as applications, websites and music.
Fueling New Experiences

Windows Phone 7 marks a new era in mobile gaming as the first phone1 to put the power of Xbox LIVE into the palm of people's hands with a blockbuster lineup of game titles from award-winning publishers. In addition to the titles already announced earlier this year, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) today announced the first wave of EA games coming to Windows Phone 7 this fall. As part of Microsoft's managed portfolio of Xbox LIVE titles, all EA games for Windows Phone 7 will be Xbox LIVE-enabled. EA will deliver a portfolio of titles that offers something for every mobile gamer, from casual to core, including "Need for Speed™ Undercover," "Tetris®" and "The Sims™ 3."

Windows Phone 7 is also the first to offer the Zune music experience on a phone: People can play their music collection, synced wirelessly from their PC, or stream or download new tunes from Windows Marketplace. An optional Zune Pass subscription is available.

Search is made easier with a dedicated button to help people find what they need, whether in contacts, in Marketplace, in e-mail or on the Web. From the Start screen, the Search button delivers Bing for mobile, delivering Web results, local information, maps, directions and more.

The Windows Live solution helps people manage pictures, Windows Live calendar, Office OneNote Mobile and more. The free Find My Phone service new on Windows Live can remotely ring, lock, erase and show the location of your phone on a map. Complete information about Windows Phone 7 features and capabilities can be found at http://www.windowsphone.com.

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