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Bluetooth 4.0 心拍計 Blue HR、オープン API で iPhone 4S アプリ多数と連携

Haruka Ueda
2011年12月26日, 午前10:30 in Blue Hr



折りたたみスマホ Galaxy Fold レビュー。ガチ勢専用の高コスト可変機

折りたたみスマホ Galaxy Fold レビュー。ガチ勢専用の高コスト可変機

Ittousai, 10月11日

フィットネス系センサを展開中の Wahoo Fitness が、新作となるスマート心拍計 Blue HR を発表しました。Bluetooth 4.0 を利用しているので "Blue"、心拍計なので "HR"(Heart Rate)と、分かりやすいネーミングです。同社はこれまでも ANT+ を利用したスマートフォン連携できる心拍計などを販売していましたが、こちらは Bluetooth 4.0 を用いることで消費電力を押さえつつ、対応スマートフォンであればアタッチメントなどを装着せずに通信できるというメリットがあります。対応端末には当然ながら iPhone 4S がまず挙げられており、今後は Bluetooth 4.0 搭載の Android スマートフォンにも対応していく予定です。ちなみに約1.5mの防水仕様とのこと。

また素晴らしいことに Blue HR をはじめ Wahoo Fitness の製品はセンサまわりの API をオープン化しており、日本でも人気の Runkeeper や MapMyRide といった100以上のアプリがすでに対応しています。同社製アプリも用意されてはいますが、すでにお気に入りのフィットネスアプリが Wahoo Fitness の API に対応していれば、Blue HR を加えてもそのまま利用できることになり、センサのせいでアプリ乗り換えの苦痛を味あわずに済みます。Blue HR は CES での展示後、1月の発売予定。価格は79.99ドルです。

Wahoo Fitness Reveals the Blue HR, the World's First Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor

Unveiling at CES 2012, the Blue HR harnesses the power of Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices, transforming your smartphone into an all-in-one training partner

Atlanta, GA – December 22, 2011 – Wahoo Fitness, the leader in smartphone fitness technology, announces the Wahoo Fitness Blue HR, the world's first Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor. Using the latest in Bluetooth technology, the Blue HR (Heart Rate) will communicate directly with the iPhone 4S and other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, providing users with real-time heart rate readings on their smartphone. With Wahoo's Blue HR and the fitness app of your choice, you now have your heart rate data, music playlists, phone, GPS maps and more, all in one place. Priced at $79.99, Wahoo's Blue HR will hit stores nationwide in January of 2012.

To see Wahoo Fitness' Blue HR product test, click HERE

Blue HR is launching with full support of several of Wahoo Fitness' app partners, who have been working with Wahoo's Open API to support the Blue HR. Already tested and released in the App Store are several of the most popular fitness apps - MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, 321Run, Runmeter, and MotionX – with more to come in 2012. Without ties to a specific app, Wahoo's heart rate strap provides the millions of users already using these apps, with the heart monitoring information they need, regardless of sport, in a customizable application of their choice.

"So many smartphone fitness monitors limit you to using their own smartphone application," says Chip Hawkins, CEO of Wahoo Fitness. "Wahoo has been working with the top fitness app developers on other smartphone fitness monitors for years, so the Blue HR is simply the next step. Our partnerships allow users to easily incorporate all their fitness data into the app they already know and love. Whether you log your miles on Runkeeper, MapMyRide, or one of the other top 100 fitness apps, the Blue HR will seamlessly integrate your heart rate data into the interface of your choice."

The Blue HR also marks the first release of a Bluetooth Smart app enabled accessory for the iPhone 4S. Like the iPhone 4S, by the end of 2012, virtually all new smartphones will include the Bluetooth v4.0 technology that is in all Bluetooth Smart Ready devices. Bluetooth Smart is a low-energy wireless technology that provides longer battery life, enhanced range, and creates new opportunities for Bluetooth product developers and manufacturers, specifically in the markets of health care, sports, fitness, security, and home entertainment.

Wahoo Fitness Blue HR features include:

• Wirelessly relays heart rate information via Bluetooth Smart technology to your iPhone 4S and other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, no additional hardware or key needed
• Generates heart rate information in real-time, providing the most accurate number of calories burned during workout
• Compatible with the most popular fitness apps, including Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and the free Wahoo Fitness App
• Optional Wahoo Armband provides comfortable protection for your iPhone 4S with full touch screen access

The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR will hit store shelves in January of 2012.

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