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アップル、新たに56の国と地域で iTunes Store を開始。4か国では映画配信も

Engadget JP Staff, @engadgetjp
2012年12月6日, 午後05:16 in Apple



1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待

1億画素超えカメラ搭載スマホ、シャオミ「Mi Note 10」のグローバル版を試す。日本での発売に期待

新デザインの iTunes 11 を11月30日にリリースしたばかりのアップルが、12月4日から新たに56の国と地域で iTunes Store のサービスを開始した。これにより、計119の国と地域で iTunes Store が利用できることになる。今回新たに加わったのは、ロシアやトルコ、インド、南アフリカなどで、現地の人気アーティストや、ビートルズ、テイラー・スウィフト、コールドプレイなど世界的人気を誇るアーティストの楽曲を含む2000万曲以上の楽曲をDRMフリーで購入することが可能となった。

さらに、ロシアやトルコ、インド、インドネシアでは、映画の配信サービスも開始された。ハリウッドメジャーの作品だけではなく、現地の配給会社の作品も提供されている。映画が配信される国は今後増える予定。ちなみに同社は、App Store で現在約70万種類のアプリを155の国と地域で提供している。新たに iTunes Store を利用できるようになった国のリストは、以下のプレスリリースで確認できる。

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Apple Launches iTunes Store in Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa & 52 Additional Countries Today
MOSCOW-December 4, 2012-Apple® today announced the launch of the iTunes Store® in Russia, Turkey, India, South Africa and 52 additional countries featuring an incredible selection of local and international music from all the major labels and thousands of independent labels. The iTunes Store features local artists including Elka in Russia, Sezen Aksu in Turkey, AR Rahman in India, and Zahara in South Africa, international artists including The Beatles, Taylor Swift and Coldplay, and world-renowned classical musicians including Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma and Yuja Wang. Customers can choose from over 20 million songs available to purchase and download on the iTunes Store.

Movie fans can choose from a wide selection of films available for rent or purchase from the iTunes Store, with many available in stunning HD, from major studios including 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, The Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Pictures, as well as leading local distributors.*

The iTunes Store is available in 119 countries and is the best way for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod®, Mac® and PC users to legally discover, purchase and download music online. All music on the iTunes Store comes in iTunes Plus®, Apple's DRM-free format with high-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding for audio virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings.

iTunes® in the Cloud lets you download your previously purchased iTunes music to all your iOS devices at no additional cost, and new music purchases can be downloaded automatically to all your devices. In addition, music not purchased from the iTunes Store can gain the same benefits by using iTunes Match℠, a service that stores your entire music library in iCloud® for access at any time, from any iOS device. iTunes Match is available for purchase in the new countries added today.

Customers also have access to the revolutionary App Store℠ with more than 700,000 apps available in 155 countries.

Pricing & Availability
iTunes 11 for Mac and Windows includes the iTunes Store and is available as a free download from apple.com/itunes. iTunes Store purchases require a valid credit card with a billing address in country.

*Movies are available today in Russia, Turkey, India and Indonesia, and will be available in select additional countries.

Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.

1. Anguilla
2. Antigua & Barbuda
3. Armenia

4. Azerbaijan
5. Bahamas
6. Bahrain
7. Barbados
8. Belarus
9. Belize
10. Bermuda
11. Botswana
12. Burkina-Faso
13. Cape Verde
14. Cayman Islands
15. Dominica
16. Egypt
17. Fiji
18. Gambia
19. Ghana
20. Grenada
21. Guinea-Bissau
22. India
23. Indonesia
24. Israel
25. Russia
26. Saudi Arabia
27. South Africa
28. Turkey
29. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
30. Jordan
31. Kazakhstan
32. Kenya
33. Kyrgyzstan
34. Lebanon
35. Mauritius
36. Micronesia, Fed States of
37. Moldova
38. Mongolia
39. Mozambique
40. Namibia
41. Nepal
42. Niger
43. Nigeria
44. Oman
45. Papua New Guinea
46. Qatar
47. Saint Kitts and Nevis
48. Swaziland
49. Tajikistan
50. Trinidad and Tobago
51. Turkmenistan
52. Uganda
53. Ukraine
54. Uzbekistan
55. Virgin Islands, British
56. Zimbabwe

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Source: Apple
Coverage: MacRumors

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